Two Hands One life is a registered non governmental organization in Uganda formed against the backdrop that Reproductive health services and development opportunities for rural communities abound through equipping and sharing of knowledge and information about Health, as well give skills to vulnerable people within the Ugandan communities due to the lack of development resulting from their inability to utilize resources around them. With its member’s experiences in health and community service, the organization has grown, operating in the thematic areas of health education, skill enhancement, human rights and environment.  It seeks to create a future of hope for under-served children, women, men, youths and their communities by helping them to build their skills and resources to reduce their vulnerability in a sustainable way.

Vision, Mission,  Goal and Values

Our Vision is: improve the livelihood of adolescents, youths and the elderly through Reproductive health education, trainings, equipping each with a skill, awareness drives, multi-media communications and behaviour change initiatives:   

Mission Statement:
To improve the livelihood of the adolescents, youths and the elderly in Uganda through capacity building, life skills, youth health empowerment initiatives, health education, youth networks, skilling programs, economic empowerment and social justice regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

Goal:  Motivation for positive change.

Our Values:
We believe that all human beings should be treated with dignity. We treat each other with fairness and we work towards a more just society.

Collective Action and Responsibility:
We believe in the capacities and capabilities of our members and other actors within the same field. We believe that by working together, organizations are able to impact greatly and positively on lives of those disadvantaged in any way within Uganda. Collective Action is the cornerstone for sustaining gains of all our efforts. We work with all stakeholders to uphold dignity and opportunities for susutainable growth within our communities.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all official obligations and personal responsibilities to the stakeholders. Integrity is the core foundation of individual and corporate actions and shall be manifested through truthfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, honoring commitments and taking full responsibility for our actions, our successes and shortcomings.

We are accountable to our members and other stakeholders for our actions and decisions. Our interactions with others and among ourselves are always guided by our commitment to being accountable.

We maintain openness in everything that we do and ensure that stakeholders access information they need for purposes of promoting and adhering developmental plans. We ensure regular and open communication to our members and partners.

We believe in our work and we give our best to the tasks at hand to make our contribution to creating a more just country for all by reaching out to those that feel left out.

Equal Opportunity: 
We are committed to ensuring that we accord our
members and staff space to enhance their opportunities. We ensure that
marginalized groups are given chance to fully participate and benefit from the Organisation.

We believe that each of us has a contribution to make to the 
growth of the Organisation. We value and appreciate each other’s contribution to our common goal. We cherish our partnerships and recognize their value addition to our work.


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