It takes a great team to build a great Organization. It is clear the accomplishments recounted are a result of extraordinary collaboration by the organization’s most important asset-its people. At every level of our organization, each individual plays a valued part in Two Hands One Life (THOL) to see it move forward. Our Vision is to improve the livelihood of youths and the elderly through trainings equipping each with a skill, awareness drives, multi-media communications and behavior change initiatives, of which is a concerted effort for each of us at the organization. We have collectively embarked on a journey to advance our vision and ensure livelihoods of youths and the elderly are improved equipping them with diverse skills needed according to their community strengths to help them reach their potential and thrive, do awareness drives for the sole purpose of sensitization to the so eager communities ready to grasp of the lots of opportunities availed for them, embark more emphasis on multi-media communication platforms to help bring close all important information to those it so much is of great importance and behavior change initiatives to help sensitize people of the importance of steady growth sustainable reliable communities. Even with constant exposure to change, THOL has remained enthusiastic about the contributions to our vision.

 Our accomplishments and forward progress to our vision in what seems a challenging environment has been the dedication of our members who work long hours-days, nights, weekends and travelling to the remotest of places to render services, assistance, training and unraveling mysteries of the power we possess to help protect and uplift the disadvantaged people within the various communities that so critically need help. It is with these unprecedented challenges in mind that I am pleased to be a part of the great remarkable dedicated staff that work tirelessly for the good of others.

 THOL is an organization of Action; a community of engaged professionals who engage, pursue, perform, and achieve in support of the organization’s mission and vision, and for all the remarkable work we the organization have embarked upon, which taken together, make for an incredibly powerful and inspiring story of commitment and success.

 As we make a difference within communities, I congratulate our staff for the great work done and I look forward to tackling the even deeper needs that still remain.


Kakande Michael

Founder & Director, M&E


THOL as an organization works on a wide range of activities in particularly different communities within the Ugandan society, and it being so, no one can ever see the entirety of our work but the good news is what we are able to do in support of our people is quite remarkable. We don’t usually draw attention to the work of individual staff – we work as a whole. I personally am proud of what has been achieved so far even when there is still great need and at the outset I thank you all who work tirelessly far from your homes and in remote or difficult places for the bigger vision and mission of this organization.

 In the work we do, there are so many unsung heroes- staff members who assess needs, draft proposals and later assemble teams that move, train just to take help within communities its most needed. So basing on the above, THOL staff are doing much more than anticipated.

 There are many external threats to Reproductive health that public health measures are so limited to influence communities like non-government organizations do. But Reproductive health services can make a significant contribution to the health of families and communities and there are many effective tools, that need to be made much more widely available and accessible of which access we have to these communities. we can help mothers with reliable skills as well protect their children, making sure they feed appropriately and as well teach families about the knowledge of safe water. This takes a huge amount of energy, resources and above all commitment and as we continue doing so, in the process, is building reliable communities able to stand on their own with all that’s taught of them.

 THOL’s expectations are high, and as we continue to meet them. With the expectations and the trust placed in us, have come unprecedented success within communities – tangible proof of the high value of determination of the staff.

 We can look ahead into the new biennium with confidence, hope and resilience. We know that there are vast problems within communities, intractable poverty and the certainty of unexpected outbreaks of diseases due to poor sanitation and unclean water but we also know that we have the right staff to help meet those challenges. As it is a good time to look back, reflecting on achievements, we look forward to see what we still need to accomplish.


Nnalunkuuma Jacqueline Muwanga

Executive Director



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